Cineclub Canudo presents the 9th edition of Avvistamenti, the International Exhibition of Video Art and Art Films, organized and directed by Daniela Di Niso and Antonio Musci and sponsored by the Region of Puglia. The event, which opens December 14 at 20.30, will be held at the Odeon Cinema in Molfetta – Bari (Italy), until December 16 2011. The program is divided into two sections, the first of which is a solo exhibition dedicated to the most self-sufficient and original Italian filmmakers, Carlo Michele Schirinzi. The other section is a group show titled Made in Italy, prepared by the organizers and film critic Bruno Di Marino, dedicated to the most interesting exponents of the Italian electronic, visual and, starting from this year, also sound arts.



Born if 1974, Carlo Michele Schirinzi is an artist and video maker who mixes, as we read in his biography, Ubu with Don Quixote, Carmelo Bene and Samuel Beckett with Paolo Uccello and Rothko, Giuseppe Verdi with Dead Kennedys, all in a hermitage where the universal modern comfort inwardly implodes and vice versa.
Independent and eclectic author, mixing experimental, narrative and document, fixed images (photos) and moving ones, often re-using in a creative way also the repertoire, Carlo Michele Schirinzi is primarily a poet of the intermittent and of the flashing, creator of an indefinite vision, according to a process of appearance and disappearance of the image, to – paradoxically – the destruction of the vision itself. “(Bruno Di Marino). Schirinzi has been awarded by some of the major Italian festivals like Pesaro and Torino, which dedicated also a retrospective exhibition to him: two special mentions for Il nido (The Nest) in 2003 and Mammaliturchi! in 2011 and the award for best short film to Notturno Stenopeico (Pinhole Night) in 2009. Eco da luogo colpito (Echo from a hit place) this year was selected for the 68th Venice International Film Festival in the section Controcampo Italiano, while at the 29th Torino Film Festival Schirinzi was a juror for the section Italiana.Corti. He is currently working on his first full-lenght film I resti di Bisanzio (The ruins of Byzantium). The Avvistamenti retrospective is an opportunity to see his complete filmography.
Regarding Made in Italy, as Bruno Di Marino says, Avvistamenti this year has decided to take a look on the production of Apulian authors, some of whom work in this region, while others, despite not living in it, maintain a strong bond with it on the production plan. They document, in an original way, local natural and human landscapes, suspended between past and present: Uno Stato di Cose by Domenico de Ceglia, L’ultima raccolta by Antonio Puhalovich and Densamente popolata è la felicità by Francesco Dongiovanni. Giuseppe Boccassini with 000001 B # O gives body to a personal “analog investigation of a natural landscape,” dissolving the form immediately perceived through the use of analog filters. Wake by Chiara Armentano is perhaps the only narrative work selected, while Cosimo Terlizzi with Folder offers a messy, fragmented and “moving” autobiographical diary. Also this year there are some experimental animation film, as So’QQuadri by E.G.O. and Small White Dots by Igor Imhoff. Under the sign of the two experimental new works, premiered in Avvistamenti, Stolen and Contaminated by Davide Pepe and Saulo by Valentina Dell’Aquila, full of suggestions and references to other forms of expression, as well as the relationship between visual and sound electronic creation has been entrusted to the installation, also unpublished, 4 Elements by Francesco Giannico, a reflection on the nature of the elements, and to Gabriele Panico, already composer for films by Schirinzi, who will give sound to Samul Beckett’s FILM, an experimental masterpiece still surprisingly modern.
Another preview of Avvistamenti is the performance La società dello spettacolo (The Society of The Spectacle) between theater and video by Ninna Vernola, thought by Cineclub Canudo on the text by Guy Debord.
All screenings will be accompanied by discussion moderated by film critics Bruno Di Marino, Guglielmo Siniscalchi, Luigi Abiusi and Gianluca Sciannameo.
In collaboration with: L’Officina delle Immagini – Rapporto Confidenziale – Love and Dishwasher Tablets – Pulpstudio – Camera a Sud – Caratteri Mobili – TaRock Label – Lorusso Cucine Design – Nicotel Bisceglie
The full program at AVVISTAMENTI web site

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