Helen: “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.” Joy: “But I’m not laughing.”(Happiness, 1998). Whether the dark satire of Welcome To The Dollhouse”, “Happiness” or “Palindromes moved you to laugh or cringe (or both), Todd Solondz is one of the very few independent screenwriters and directors who have always the ability to pull the rug from beneath the viewer; his work, stemming from a rich and deep examination of everyday life, manages to turn into a revelation of our own selves, yet always armed with a merciful eye on our own unconfessed faults.
Meeting Todd Solondz has been for us the epiphany of one of our tutelary deities, one of those artists who feed our passion for the arts (cinema but not only), and thanks to whom the idea of this website was born. A curiosity can clarify the extent of our admiration for the NYC based director: the acronym of our website is also an acronym for one of his most intense films, Life During Wartime; and this did not happen accidentally, of course.
We met him in Bari, in our Puglia, where he came to give a Masterclass and a conference presentation of his latest movie “Dark Horse”, within a program of meetings with independent filmmakers organized by Apulia Film Commission, and Uzak, CaratteriMobili with auspices of the University of Bari. The result is a pleasant conversation about art film, the way of making it as an independent filmmaker and its relationship with other forms of artistic expression, such as music.


STORYTELLING: An Interview With TODD SOLONDZ from LDWT on Vimeo.


Directed by Love and Dishwasher Tablets
Editing by Nico Murri
Special Thanks to Todd Solondz, Uzak, CaratteriMobili, Apulia Film Commission and Cineporto di Bari.







Click here to know more about Todd Solondz’s filmography.

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