A name can often say a lot. Summer Camp, the shiny pop machine of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley, evokes immediately both the effervescence of youth and the bittersweet nostalgia for its quick passing, and 2011’s debut, “Welcome To Condale”, a concept album about coming of age in a fictional LA suburb, represented an inspired and impressive collection of intelligent naivety, 90s cult tv shows and clever play on the time perspective. It was the sound equivalent of shooting instagram pics of old polaroids.
Last year’s “Always” e.p. gave us a band already moving on, flirting with dance music and finding pleasure in shadow too. “Everything changes when you get old” stated their website and more than a statement, it was a sure promise.
And now they’re back, and this time it’s personal. With a new, Stephen Street produced album, simply entitled “Summer Camp”, Elizabeth and Jeremy need no more hiding behind fictional characters, and as the sounds may become cleaner and leaner, they prove they can be at ease inside the thumping bass and anxious arpeggios of The End as well the stadium filling choruses of Pink Summer, without ever forgetting their delicious knack for memorable melodies, like on the funk & strings strike of Fresh.
We met Elizabeth and Jeremy before their gig at the Giovinazzo Rock Festival and talked at length about the new album, their love for R&B and their ideal festival line-up.


A Sunny Disposition: SUMMER CAMP from LDWT on Vimeo.


Directed by LDWT

Editing by Nico Murri







Images by Love and Dishwasher Tablets / First Image Credit: Eleanor McDowall


Summer Camp is out on september 9th on Moshi Moshi.

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