Haunting geometrical compositions, vibrant colours and a sparkling labyrinth of art pieces ranging from a bizarre and provocative surrealism to a gloomy and abstract minimalism were some of the hallmarks of the double solo show recently opened at Doppelgaenger, in Bari, and featuring works by Italian artist and musician 108, aka Guido Bisagni, and Elzo Durt, Belgian illustrator whose swirling psychedelic graphic style is often associated with posters and album covers designed for the likes of Thee Oh Sees and Jack of Heart.

Entitled Crossroad #1, the exhibition refers to “a possible crossing of two different artistic trails, risen from the street but, however, separated” as mentioned in the press release. “The panorama of urban art, prominently evolved during the last ten years, from media, academic and institutional point of view. Usually attributable to graffiti and street art, develops sequences of application and phenomenon, different from its original, pure and well-known characteristics. But, at the same time, it reveals stylistic performances from ‘900, or earlier, avant-garde. The gallery will be reviewing a double prospective of this versatility. Even if artists’ heritage comes from the same urban background, they achieve in a really different style. 108’s works, remind to abstract art and to a survey between geometrical and spatial thematic, supported by theoretical work Abstract Graffiti, by Cedar Lewisohn. Elzo Durt, graphic designer and musician, typifies his silk screen printings with disparate characters and themes; a sort of psychedelic, Flemish, arcimboldo’s style set”.

Crossroad #1 will be on view through April 20th, 2013 at Doppelgaenger in Bari. Take a look at our photo-gallery from the exhibition’s opening reception and watch our exclusive interviews with 108 and Elzo Durt.

Directed by Love and Dishwasher Tablets
Edited by Nico Murri
Music by LIFE & LIMB






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